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Do you have a story?

Do you know agriculture?

Feeding Minds Press is searching for manuscripts for accurate agriculture children’s books. We will be accepting open submissions for a limited time  March 1st – 31st, 2018  

What we are looking for:

  • Fiction and nonfiction manuscripts for picture books ages 1-8.
  • Word count should not exceed 1500.
  • Manuscript should contain accurate information about agriculture with modern agricultural practices being a priority.
  • Manuscript should not convey any stereotypical depictions of rural life (ex: overalls and a pitch fork).
  • We prefer stories that do not contain depictions of anthropomorphic animals (animals that talk or act like humans).
  • Manuscript must not portray unsafe situations.
  • Manuscript should cover a topic which is of interest in agriculture and society, for example: crops, livestock, machines, careers, bees, tree farms, farm to fork, how plants grow, school gardens, and more. All agricultural topics are open to review.
  • Fiction manuscripts should also have an interesting story that will engage students.
  • Books published by Feeding Minds Press will have educational materials developed with them. Please keep that in mind as you write.

What you should know before you submit:

  • Submissions will only be accepted electronically. A link to submit will be added to this page starting March 1, 2018.
  • Each person can submit up to 3 manuscripts.
  • Submissions need to have a brief description of the story and a short bio of the author.
  • Please note that hard copy manuscripts will not be accepted. If your story is illustrated, we will review text and illustrations separately, as we may be interested in the story but not the artwork, or vice versa. Note that at this time we are primarily interested in text.
  • If we receive a large volume of submissions, we may not respond to your submission. If you do not hear from us after six months we are most likely not interested in your work. Please do not inquire after the status of your submission.
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